Referral Code/Link: marco1180

I owned a Tesla Model S (Metallic Blue, 90D) from 2015 until 2018.

I love it.

I wrote a review of my experience owning and driving the car here.

I liked my experience with the Model S so much that I got a Model 3 when they came out.

They really are wonderful cars.

If you are looking to purchase a Tesla and want unlimited supercharging you can use this referral code, marco1180. You can read the details of this program here, but basically you get free supercharging and I get entered into a drawing for fun prizes.

If you have any questions about ownership, my experience, or just want to use my referral code, please .

The referral code above belongs to a good friend of mine, Marco Arment. I used to have my code here but recently discovered that residents of Virginia aren’t eligible for the program.