Known Issues/Bugs

If you can't see your 2024 Badges, please ensure that you are running that latest version of Pedometer++. These badges were added in version 5.3, you can install the update from the App Store here.

Frequently Asked Questions

After upgrading to watchOS 10 sometimes the complications disappear or don't show as available.

To fix this, reinstall the WATCH app by:

  1. Open the "Watch" app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap "My Watch" at bottom left of screen.
  3. Scroll up to "Installed on Apple Watch".
  4. Tap on "Pedometer++".
  5. Switch off "Show App on Apple Watch".
  6. Wait about 15 seconds.
  7. Switch on "Show App on Apple Watch".
  8. Wait until you see Pedometer++ appear under "Installed on Apple Watch".
I had previously paid to remove ads, do I get Pedometer++ Premium as well?

Your previous purchase to remove advertisements will continue to remove ads going forward, however, the new features that I've added in this last Version Five update (Workout mode and icons) will now require a subscription in order to have access. A subscription is a much more sustainable model for me to keep developing the app, where I can get income on an ongoing basis rather than just once. I hope you understand and will find a subscription worthwhile.

The subscription does have Family Sharing enabled so it can be shared between a group of users within the same iCloud Family group.

I installed the update and all my text is now big and the graph is small?

The text shown in the app is now sized based on the setting you have made in the main Apple Settings app for "Text Size" under "Display & Brightness". My goal is to respect that setting and provide you with larger, more legible text when you have requested it.

But, if you'd prefer to have Pedometer++ instead always show in the standard size. Open the Settings tab and scroll down to Text Size and select Override. This will ignore the system setting and always display in the default, medium size.

I updated and now my Apple Watch won't sync?

Sorry about this, sometimes what I've seen is that when you do an update the Health permissions get stuck. To fix this there are two things to try:

This typically resolves the issue, if not turning them both off and on again can sometimes help get them talking again.

If it doesn't then it likely means that the update never got installed onto the Apple Watch, which can lead to the iPhone and the Watch being out of step. If you open the App Store on your Watch and then scroll all the way down to "Account" and then "Updates" you may be able to force it to do an update.

Can I use Maps offline?

In the Settings area if you open the "Routes" section you can see your saved routes, along with how much of that route is saved for offline use. You can download all the maps along a particular route for offline use. Offline maps will work on your Apple Watch too, but only if your iPhone has the map downloaded and is connected to your Apple Watch. The watch doesn't store them itself for offline, but can read them from your iPhone as needed.

Why is there already data in my graph?

When you first setup Pedometer++ it will retrieve the last 7 days worth of step data from your iPhone. Your iPhone is always collecting step counts for the Health app. This doesn't cause any battery drain or system load.

Can I change my daily step goal? Will this end my current streak?

You can change your daily step goal at any time in the Settings (gear icon) area. You can make adjustments in 100 step increments.

This will not affect your previous streaks. Your new goal is applied from today forward.

I personally recommend setting your goal to something that is appropriately challenging for your current situation. So if you get sick or injured, lower your goal. Then as you heal or gain fitness, slowly increase it.

What are Rest Days?

To encourage a healthy work/rest balance I built in a concept of Rest Days into Pedometer++. Once you have successfully met your goal for 6 days in a row you will be eligible for a Rest Day. On a Rest Day your current streak won't be broken by not meeting your goal.

These do not accumulate, so you can only ever have one Rest Day in a row (i.e. if you met your goal for 12 days you can't then take 2 off). They reset every time you take your Rest Day. So if you met your goal for 6 days, took a rest, then met it again for 6 you'd earn another...and so on.

What is automatic distance mode?

When Automatic Distance mode is enabled your iPhone will try to estimate how far you have walked based on the precise measurement of your iPhone's movement. This process typically gives good results, however, it isn't entirely predictable, so sometimes you'll take the same walk and get different distance estimates.

If consistent, predictable distances are more desireable for you then you can alternatively switch to an estimate that is calculated based on your stride length. This is calculated based on your gender and height. This will yield more consistent results but loose the ability for changes in terrain or walking speed to affect the distance estimate.

What is Fixed Timezone? What happens when I travel?

Your steps are divided into 24 hour periods for display and goal purposes. By default, these periods are based on your current timezone (midnight to midnight). When you travel this means that your previous step counts are recalculated to reflect this new timing.

If you intend to return to the same "Home" timezone but are only temporarily traveling then I'd recommend you use the Fixed Timezone option where you choose a specific timezone and it will always be used as your daily step period. This can lead to some potentially confusing results if your current timezone is very different than the fixed value. For example, you may see steps being added to what looks like "yesterdays" counts.

Can I transfer my steps to a new iPhone? How do I backup my data?

Your step data is stored as a document along with Pedometer++. This is backed up with the typical iCloud Backup process. So if you get a new iPhone your iCloud backup will restore your step history. Similarly, the direct transfer process will preserve your history.

Alternatively, if you generate an export file via the Export/Transfer option you can then apply this to a new device. This file doesn't replace your local step database, instead it is intelligently merged with your current database.

It is wise to periodically generate a backup file, just in case your iCloud backup were to fail.

What are "floors"?

Pedometer++ displays only floors climbed according to the following. Floors descended are not counted. 1 floor climbed is approximately 10 feet (3 meters) which usually takes approximately 16 steps. This was decided by Apple and we cannot change. The motion coprocessor and barometer in your phone or watch must sense that you took an equivalent amount of steps in reaching that height as if you were climbing stairs. If your elevation is changed rapidly or very slowly then you will not get an accurate floor count as it does not think you are climbing stairs. Apple performs the calculation within the phone and we do not do any further calculations. Floors can also be recorded by walking up hills if they satisfy the "floors climbed" criteria.

The floor count is not connected to the number of daily steps you take, time or distance walked.

How to add past steps when iPhone is not carried?

Due to the way the Pedometer++ step database is configured it is not possible for you to manually add past steps, floors or distance. We have no plans to add such a feature.

Can I connect my Fitbit device to Pedometer++?

It is not possible to connect any Fitbit device to the Pedometer++ app. We have no plans to add such a feature. The only wearable that Pedometer++ syncs with is the Apple Watch.

Can I step count on a treadmill?

If you carry your phone in a front pants/trouser pocket while on a treadmill and/or swing your watch wearing arm you should get a fairly accurate step count. Your speed and vibrations from the treadmill can affect your results. Do not carry your phone in your hand.

How to delete all past step data and start from zero?

You cannot delete all your old step data from Pedometer++ and start from zero. It will always show the past seven days after deleting the app and then reinstalling. Old step data uses hardly any of your iPhone storage. Approximately 2MB per year of data. If you delete your historical data you will lose all your Achievements.

Where should the iPhone be carried?

The motion coprocessor in your iPhone has to sense the movement of your legs for Pedometer++ to count steps. Step counting is very sensitive to where the phone is carried on the body. We have found that the best results are obtained if the phone is closest and tight to the hip. A front pants/trouser pocket works well. Do not carry your iPhone in your hand.

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