Calzones 1.0.4: Tasty Icons

I just rolled out CalZones 1.0.4 which includes two main changes:

More Locations

A major increase in the number of locations that are covered in the timezone database (Now around 7000 cities). My goal is to give you confidence that you are seeing accurate timezone information and don’t have to guess about another, bigger city that might share the timezone with where you are looking.

Getting the size and scope of the location database right has been a tricky balancing act for me during development. I want it to cover all the situations and timezones that my users need, but without it getting bloated. I hope this increase will go a long way to finding a good balancing point.

Tasty New Icons

CalZones initially shipped with a pretty robust set of alternative icons. These coordinated with the themes in the app and provided a nice way to personalize how CalZones looks on your homescreen. But there was something missing in this initial set…


While it is admittedly completely silly, I felt that I needed to provide a tribute to the Italian, oven-baked, folded pizza that gives CalZone’s name such a chuckle whenever I say it out-loud.

These delightful icons were made by the very talented, Daniel Farrelly. Who provided me with this mesmerizing timelapse of his drawing process. There is something captivating about watching artists work, creating something out of nothing.

David Smith